When do you meet? 
We meet weekly on Wednesdays from 9:30am - 11:30am.  Also, Wednesday evenings twice a month at 7:30pm.  Please see our Current Study page for more information on what we are currently studying.  If you would like to join us this year, please take a moment to sign up for our newsletter! 

Do you meet year-round? 
Currently, we meet on a "school schedule," from Labor Day through Memorial Day, taking breaks over major holidays. Watch for info on summer play groups & Bible studies.

Are there any other events other than Wednesday morning/evening Bible Studies? 
There are often play dates at local parks and zoos throughout the year when the weather permits, as well as the occasional "Wives Night Out" and get-togethers during the summer. Anyone can plan such an event, and we encourage you to do so!   These events will be posted on the Side by Side Grand Rapids Facebook page.  If you're unable to participate in Side by Side during the workday, visit the Grand Rapids Med Wives Facebook Page.  This group tries to get together one evening a month at one of their homes or a local eatery.    

Do you have dues?   Do you charge for childcare?  
We do not have any annual dues. We do charge a minimal fee for childcare.  We have excellent, adult women childcare workers.  We have childcare for the Wednesday morning group only.

What will my children do while at Side by Side? 
While in the hands of our experienced adult childcare ladies, our babies enjoy being cuddled, rocked & sung to.  Older children enjoy hearing Bible stories, making crafts, eating a snack and playing together.  Children of all ages are welcome, and the activities are geared to be age-appropriate. 

I have an infant who is too small to go in with the other children.  Can s/he stay with me during the Bible Study?  
Of course...and we will probably offer to hold your little one for you!    

What if there's a blizzard on Wednesday morning? 
In the case of inclement winter weather, Side by Side will not meet if the Forest Hills Public School District is closed.  
I'm not sure I can make it every week.  Is that a problem? 
Not at all!  While we love to have regular attendance, we completely understand that balancing schedules can be hectic.  Come as often as you can, and we'll be happy to see you!